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by : Styx699
Greetings, everyone. I had done this journal with help from friends from a discussion of someone in dA. I don't talk about anyone here in dA, but our situation with this artist has been going on for a long time and we feel like that it needs to stop now. For a long time, me and my friends tried so hard to help her, even other people tried to help her because she has a problem/anger issues. She even told that to her watchers, everyone and us. But when other people and we tried to help her, she, for no reason gets angry and starts to shout at people with CAPS LOCK, which that’s not nice. They didn’t do anything to her to deserve that kind of treatment. Here’s an example of what I mean. 



You can see here that I noticed two people tried to talk to her about her problems because they noticed in some way.

But, they don’t know what’s wrong with her, they didn’t do anything wrong to her and she replied to them with insults and caps lock. This has been the same problem all this time but we wonder why she acts like that? That’s the question that we always have in our heads; “What is her problem?”; “Why does she acts like that?”; etc. When I first met her, William (a friend) introduced her to us in Twiddla. At first, I didn’t talk to her much because for obvious reasons: I am silent and shy when I meet new people (you know that ^^”).

We began to talk to her and do what friends do together (mostly RP’s and stuff I don’t remember well ^^’). A lot of things occurred this time and she started to change a lot. I had seen that she still was a little bit rude but not like she is now. We had talked to her and we calmed her down a little. In a status long ago, I saw she stated that she had changed. After that, I noticed for some odd reason she began to be rude to people again.

I was like: “What happened to you? You said yourself that you’ve changed…” 

I don’t really want to sound disrespectful, but what she said was a lie…
One day, she and a friend got into a “fight” (more of a discussion). In my opinion, they got into this because of her personality idk …and example of what I mean: 


As you can see, Span sounded a little bit rude that she told her that she needs to talk with someone and needs a therapist. If you read the description of this next image: [4] She said that loves being angry and hates when people told her that she needs to change. I think not; she really needs to change her ways because her character is going to causing her trouble. When she said about her parents I felt that they don’t know what’s going on with her and they have no any idea of what’s happening here. I thought: “You don’t trust in them? They’re the ones who care the most about you.” She constantly accused us that we hate her and want her dead ([5]

Let me correct this here: 


We don’t want her dead, nor hate her. We are doing this for her own good and her life because this could cause her serious problems in the future. She says that we should “block” her and all that stuff we refused to do so. She said to herself “I'm indeed glad, everyone at school offends me”. Dude. Why did you allow them to do this to you? Why do you write many angry statuses? ^~^” I’m just confused that’s all. If there are bullies, just ignore them. They want you to see you like this. Don’t give them what they want (and I mean see you angry) because there more people that care about you than them.

A friend send her a note saying she owe us an apology. She’s the only one who could talk to her without receiving a rude reply. She replied that she wants to but she doesn’t know how. That’s not the case after all of this she just wanted to apologize to us just to stop talking about her problem – I’m not so sure ^~^”. Now she says she doesn’t want to and refuses to apologise to us in her journal ([6] 

It was followed by a conversation in Facebook; Spaniel told her that she needs to apologize to us because the way that she’s dealing with it is not good and if she doesn’t change it she is going to have problems in the future. This is what happened throughout the conversation: [7]

As you could see, she had told lies to spaniel saying that span staying silent was the big mistake that she had done for months, resulting in spaniel responding to her "How hypocritical of you!" [8] 

And then she got angrier at what spaniel said is true. she never stayed silent to her.

1- Span always replied to her comments. 

2- Span always talked to her. 

3- And Span never was rude to her.

Another thing she had done (related) was her treatment of other artists who had done art for her in the past. She likes art that others had drawn and she would kindly link to the original art, telling viewers to check it out, etc. That’s what you do right? ^^' Nothing went well for a small number of artists. She’d describe how the details were done and how awesome it looks. At the same time, she’d talk about how one of the arts she had received was “nearly forgotten” by an artist, revealed that same artist’s irl name, how she “broke boundaries” ([9] and called her a “monster” in journal 

([10] to another artist who sent a note on how they were unhappy at how they were treated ([11][12]

She’d think it’s a clever idea to brag about deviants she greatly dislikes while she keeps their art like she drew them yourself and yet she’d still link them to their art? There’s an old phrase that goes “You can’t have your cake and eat it too”. In this situation, you can’t have the most beautiful art made by the artist you hate.

In her words, “you may not wanna report” her as we’ve stayed silent for almost 4 months, she had done a lot of talking about us and others; name-calling, telling others to “fuck off” when they want to help/thank her (and breaking that rule too: [13], playing the victim, forcing us “hate” her and “block” her and being rude to artists who had made art for her. Even threatening to start a flame war against an innocent deviant ([14]  ---> 
We understand she has anger issues, she stated many times (likely because of school). But when we try to help her, she gets angrier; saying that “they cannot be resolved” and she keeps every problem to herself. She doesn't say what happened, not to her parents (she insulted them).

At the same time, she blames us for what we didn’t do. In conclusion, we are not trying to insult her, we are just saying everything she had done to us and to others. It’s not fair. 

I question if her watchers were aware about this. ^~^” 

ChoonieMoonie2002 , After what you’ve done to us and to others, what will now you say about yourself?

Made in collaboration with ElectroSpanz, Piguilipe and Kuroshiro-joge

(extension by Kuroshiro-joge  A serious journal [extension] )


Nine circles its done!!!!! :la:

20170307 223822 by brenstar345

we did it!!! :D GG

6950 att. in total X,DDD

Welp good night! ^^


wait im awake now lel XD
Welp i caught a flu and i couldn't sleep anymore...ay...but don't worry i'm ok XD
uh.....okay then?....

22-02-17 .. by brenstar345

did this happened to someones else?...

or..its just me??...  Icon Rubius-Poker Face- 
Guys just for let you know.
im going to be busy all the morning the next week ^^;
only for 3 days...and then back to school again. ^^"


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